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Sadly, 6 years after their first appearance the Camden Cyclists' mapping pages are no longer available!
They were based on Version 2 of the Google Maps Javascript Library, which was withdrawn in November 2013 and we don't have the time and effort available to port the system to Version 3 of library.

A different mapping service intended to support cycle campaigners and others is under consideration and may appear here in due course.

Meanwhile most of the facilities that the Camden maps offered are now available from other services. Where they are not, we have used Google Fusion Tables to produce simple maps from the data on which the old maps were based, see below:

An up-to-date map of signed cycle routes throughout London

Since the Camden Cyclists maps were first developed, the OpenStreetMap community has produced an outstandingly complete and accurate survey of all the signed cycle routes in London (and elsewhere). (Here is a key to the map). This resource supersedes much of what the Camden maps provided and it is being continually updated and improved.

Route planning

The 'Plan a Route' button on the Camden maps relied on the excellent CycleStreets route planning service and that continues to be available through many other apps including:

'Ride a road' in Street View

We know of no equivalent to the enjoyable and sometimes useful facility to take a virtual ride that the Camden Maps offered.

Bike shop locations in Camden

The table and map at http://camdencyclists.org.uk/camden/shops includes all of the shops incuded in the maps.camdencyclists database. This data will continue to be updated.

Campaigning tools

Maps of routes

The Camden maps included interactive maps of London-wide cycle routes in several categories. We are working towards making separate maps from some of them (those that aren't superseded by OpenCycleMap). Some are completed and linked below:

We would welcome offers of assistance with that task as well as requests to use the data (KML files) for other purposes.

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