Camden Cyclists Maps

The site now hosts some maps and map-based tools aimed at supporting cycle-campaigning. The most important of these is the:

Cyclescape Issues Map

which is a generic tool providing a map-based interface to Cyclescape. You can learn more about it on this page. It’s generic in the sense that it can be configured for use in any geographic area in which Cyclescape us in use and can be embedded in any website with a few lines of HTML to access the service we provide at

Alternative services 

London cycle network and other cycle routes in London

In 2007 we launched a London cycle route mapping service. We stopped supporting it in 2013 when changes to the Google Maps Javascript Library rendered our system obsolete and we were too busy with other campaigning activities to port the code to their new platform.

After the Camden Cyclists maps were first developed and released (in 2007), a rendering of OpenStreetMap was produced that provided an outstandingly complete and accurate survey of all the signed cycle routes in London (and elsewhere). (Here is a key to that map). This  continuously-evolving resource supersedes much of what our maps provided.

Route planning

The Camden maps offered an interface to the excellent CycleStreets route planning service and that continues to be available through many other apps including the CycleStreets web server:

'Ride a road' in Street View

We know of no equivalent to the enjoyable and sometimes useful facility to take a virtual ride that the Camden Maps offered.

Bike shop locations in Camden

The table and map at includes all of the shops included in the maps.camdencyclists database. This data will continue to be updated.

Campaigning tools

Other maps

Only this one remains available:

GC 15-1-2016